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Rockstar Kush aka BC Rockstar and Rockstar OG is a potent indica dominant strain not suitable for beginners due to its high levels of THC 22-25%. Spicy blueberry pungent odours exude from Rockstar Smalls Kush. Moderately sized buds with amber hairs are used to treat chronic pain and stress. The full body effects of relaxation are felt without being over sedative. Get ready for the munchies. Genetics of this indica hybrid trace back to Bubba Kush and Rockstar. This strain usually flowers in 56 to 70 days.

The earth and citrus flavors of Rockstar Smalls may be used to deliver potent pain and muscle spasm relief. Its euphoric effects may be used to help deal with anxiety, depression and stress. Some do find that it helps them rest easy. Others use it for migraines and nausea.

When Bonguru Beans set out to create this strain, they had an indoor setup in mind but RockStar can do just as well outside. Plants do well in soil or hydroponics and can be ready in eight to nine weeks. This strain can do well in a Sea of Green or can be grown as a multi-branching plant. Outdoors this strain can reach as tall as two meters and may yield as much as a pound per plant. A good choice for beginners, RockStar tends to produce about a half pound indoors.

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